Help, I Have A Bright, Shiny Object Addiction

Online Marketing

Let’s face it. When you are first learning about internet marketing, you subscribe to every bright, shiny object that comes your way. It happens to all of us and this just may well be part of the journey but before we know it, we have a shiny object addiction resulting in lack of focus and inhibiting you from taking action.

Once you start buying software, tutorials and products, your inbox becomes inundated with more products. Someone offers you a FREE report on a subject that you’re not too familiar with and you tell yourself, it just might help. Well, it’s not really free because you have to give your email address. Before you know it, a hundred emails a day are coming in just from other internet marketers.

Many of them know how to make an enticing headline and you can’t help but open the email. Before you know it, you are at your Paypal account, clicking the Pay Now button. But you have so much other stuff to read that you tell yourself that you’ll save it and read it later. A few months later as you are organizing all the files on your pc, you come across this ebook. Since this happens to almost everyone, you have to wonder if this is just part of the learning cycle that needs to take place, in order to move past it.

I know that there are no shortcuts for earning a living online. It’s going to take work and time, so why do I keep buying more information products? I am always looking for that one little golden nugget that is going to help me out.internet marketing confusion

When you are first starting out with internet marketing, many people tell you that it’s easy. All you need is 20 bucks to start, so that you can buy a domain name and a hosting plan. You learn a bit about keyword research and take that first step and buy a bad domain name and focus on a keyword that you don’t have a chance of getting to the first page of Google.

The first marketer I came in contact with held the most important things back and the instructions were so vague that I was filled with frustration. I wasn’t going to give up though and although this marketer did not teach me what I needed to know, he at least pointed me in the right direction, so that I knew what questions to Google, so that I could move on. That was when Pandora’s box opened and sucked me into this huge world of internet marketing.

There are so many ways for internet marketers to make money that it’s hard to know what direction to go in. There is affiliate marketing, Amazon marketing, social media marketing, article marketing, mobile marketing and so many other ways to market that it becomes difficult to know what to focus on. I have tried many different methods, and I thought that when I found the right method, I would just know what it was. I sure was wrong. Yeah, there are some things that I enjoy more than others, but what I have come to realize is that a sustainable long-term online business needs to first focus on one method and after you start seeing success, then you can branch out into other methods.

I have come to the point in my internet marketing career where I can spot a scam. After you have been taken a few times, you begin seeing the signs. Any marketer that promises you thousands of dollars for fifteen minutes of work is full of it. Others will try to use fear to sell. You will begin seeing past the enticing headlines in time.

In among the garbage, you will begin finding the jewels. You find the people that give you your money’s worth and even more. These marketers will not flood your email with tons of offers from other marketers. The few times that you receive anything from these marketers, you know that it’s going to be good stuff.

I know that I will continue to buy other information products that come out, however, I have narrowed my subscriptions down and can make better choices these days. You have to stay on top of the constant changes in internet marketing and sometimes, I find an internet marketer who really can help me in my quest for earning a living online.

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